Juno Alto Sax Reeds Single – Perfect starter reeds

Juno Alto Sax Reeds Single – Perfect starter reeds


Juno alto saxophone reeds are perfect for a complete beginner as an entry level reed.

They are available in different strengths from 1.5 to 3

The strength you need can vary from player to player, but as a general a 1.5 is a good place to start. An adult will find they progress to a 2 quickly.

All our saxophones come with a 1.5 strength reed, they do however break easily as they are fragile, it is always a good idea to have some spares in your case!

Priced & sold individually.

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Juno reeds are specially made for student performance from select cane grown on the Mediterranean coast. When we turn that cane into reeds, we give them a special cut that’s extra responsive for students, so you can improve faster.

Once the reeds are precisely cut, each one is sealed in its own humidity balanced Flow Pack where it waits just for you. That way, when you take a Juno reed out of the box, it feels and sounds as fresh as the day it was made.

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