Reconditioned Yamaha YFL211 Flute

Reconditioned Yamaha YFL211 Flute


Suitable for: Beginner to Grade 5 level | Adult or Children

  • Fully Reconditioned
  • Free Delivery
  • Two-Year Guarantee

All our reconditioned flutes are completely overhauled before leaving us. They are completely stripped and rebuilt making them play perfectly and look immaculate.

We also offer a two-year guarantee on all our reconditioned instruments, offering complete peace of mind.

This makes our reconditioned flutes a great choice for those not wanting to hire but also not wanting the costly outlay of an equivalent new flute.

If purchasing is not for you, then you can hire this flute and still have the option to purchase later on.

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There can be many things that can make a flute easy to play and good sounding and the Yamaha YFL211 does exactly that and make a perfect flute. Yamaha have some serious heritage alongside years of experience and have long been the flute choice of teachers. As a general rule this flute would take a player to Grade 5, and depending on the player a little further.

It means that for a complete novice this flute is ideal to learn on and makes playing a lot easier! There is nothing worse than a cheaply made flute, or a flute that isn’t serviced for a beginner player the hardest part about learning the flute is getting the first sound out. Once this is achieved learning the flute is achievable for all.

Key Features

  • Offset G
  • Closed Holes
  • E Mechanism
  • Tone Holes – Drawn & curled
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