Clarinet Hire – Why It Makes Sense

Clarinet hire is an option that makes sense for a variety of reasons.  It may be an adult or child's first experience playing the clarinet and the question of whether they will enjoy it or not, a returning player who wants to give the clarinet a go again, or simply not wanting the capital outlay of purchasing a clarinet until you are sure that the clarinet is going to be a success and worth the investment.

The Clarinets We Stock - Hire Today!

  • Clarinet Hire

    Jupiter B♭ Clarinet Outfit

    From: £16.00 / each month and a £32.00 Deposit View product This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
  • Buffet Clarinet
    Clarinet Hire

    Buffet B♭ Clarinet Outfit

    From: £18.00 / each month and a £36.00 Deposit View product This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
  • Yamaha YCL250 Clarinet
    Clarinet Hire

    Yamaha B♭ Clarinet Outfit

    From: £20.00 / each month and a £40.00 Deposit View product This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Intermediate Clarinets  - Wooden Body

The Dilemma

You, or your child, have the chance to start clarinet lessons, but you are not sure where to start.

For anybody starting out with music lessons, there is always the question of whether they will enjoy playing the clarinet. They may decide that playing music is great, but want to change from clarinet to another instrument. Or, they may even decide that it is simply not for them.

There are many brands and model of clarinet available, ranging in price from £70  to the many £1000's. This can make it feel like a minefield, especially for a complete beginner wanting to trial playing the clarinet.

The Choices

The temptation is to buy the cheapest instrument you can find and see if you or they take to it. But can you imagine learning to drive in a car with sloppy steering, awkward gear change, poor brakes and a seat far to high or low? Not great and it is no different with an instrument.

Your other choice? Hire a quality, professionally set up clarinet from us.

Things You Should Know

Unfortunately, cheap instruments are difficult to play, almost impossible to tune, sound terrible, and will almost certainly discourage anyone from playing.

There is absolutely no point in having the opportunity to learn the clarinet, paying for lessons, and trying to use an instrument not fit for purpose.

Problem Solved

We only stock high quality clarinets, professionally set up, and delivered with a quality clarinet reed to get you started. The result is a clarinet that is easier to play, sounds better and will help anyone to learn and progress.

If the clarinet turns out not to be the instrument of choice, you can send it back. Or you may wish to try other instruments, for example, the flute or saxophone, it is no problem, we will happily swap it over for you.

We have two goals. First,  to offer quality clarinets that help and encourage anyone to learn. The second is to make clarinet hire as simple and as easy as possible.

We Only Stock High Quality Clarinets

We only stock high quality, serviced instruments and the whole clarinet hire agreement is completed online and the clarinet delivered to your door. Every clarinet is cleaned, checked, serviced and play tested before it leaves us. If an instrument doesn't come up to scratch it will not get dispatched.

The brands we choose are always the best value for money, we have Jupiter, Buffet, and Yamaha Clarinets for hire.

Which Clarinet Should You Hire?

To help you decide on which clarinet to hire we have put together a short 'choosing your clarinet' guide that will give you an insight into clarinets and help you understand some of the terminology. Above all else we are happy to help with making the decision, just contact us.

What Happens To Every Clarinet Before Being Dispatched To You?

To ensure every clarinet arrives in perfect working order, and plays perfectly, every clarinet is completely stripped and rebuilt. The video below gives an insight into exactly what happens. If you have any other questions then please contact us, we are more than happy to help.

Clarinet Hire Cost

Clarinet Cost
Jupiter JCL631 Clarinet £14 pcm
Buffet B12 Clarinet £16 pcm
Yamaha YCL250 Clarinet £18 pcm
Buffet E11 Clarinet £32 pcm

Purchasing Your Clarinet

Clarinet Purchase
Jupiter JCL631 £219
Buffet B12 £269
Yamaha YCL250 £299
Buffet E11 £549

You can purchase your hire clarinet. At any point during your agreement you can contact us to arrange the purchase.

All of the payments made, up to a maximum of six months, will contribute towards the purchase price listed below.

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