Viola Hire Made Easy….

Viola hire is a cost effective solution for young players or anyone just starting out and there any many reasons why this option may suit.

The Dilemma

Your child (or yourself) has the chance to have viola lessons, but you’re not sure where to start. Of course you want them to succeed, but what if he/she doesn’t take to it? For younger players, they are more than likely too small to manage a full size instrument and they will need to upgrade to a larger size in a year or two? Or simply, need the opportunity to trial playing the viola before the commitment is there to purchase.

The temptation is to buy the cheapest instrument you can find and see if they take to it. Unfortunately cheap instruments are difficult to play, sound terrible, and will almost certainly discourage anyone from playing (imagine trying to learn to drive in a car with sloppy steering, awkward gear change and poor brakes).

The Solution

So the solution, is hire an viola from us. We only stock high quality, serviced instruments and the whole hire agreement is done online and the viola delivered to your door.

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