John Packer JP072 Tenor Horn

John Packer JP072 Tenor Horn

£17.00 / each month and a £34.00 Deposit

An easy way to start playing for only a small monthly amount instead of the costly outlay in purchasing an instrument outright. We always make sure our prices are competitive and every tenor horn is fully stripped, cleaned, rebuilt, and serviced before leaving us.

The John Packer JP072  offers the perfect chance to be one step closer to playing the instrument, whether the plan is to pursue graded exams or just play for the enjoyment, this tenor horn will definitely get anyone up and running and is perfect for a beginner.

So, hire today and be playing for family and friends very soon, or even on a stage in your first concert.

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An affordable Tenor Horn which is ideal for the younger beginner player. A popular choice within the UK education sector and training bands.

Unique benefits
This affordable lightweight Tenor Horn has been specifically designed to enable the younger student to learn to play the Tenor Horn.

  • Lightweight construction makes the holding and playing of the Tenor Horn more comfortable for younger players, and therefore also allows the player to play for longer
  • Sprung nickel valves which ensure a free and smooth action
  • 8” bell aids with projection
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