TourTech TT-12SM Electronic Drum Kit Mesh Snare

TourTech TT-12SM Electronic Drum Kit Mesh Snare

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  • The TT-12SM is a fantastic value kit for beginners, students and all drummers looking for a digital kit to practise on. The snare on this kit has a fantastic mesh head for a realistic feel and response. This makes a big difference to your enjoyment of playing: the snare is integral to every drum part and so the more realistic, the better! The other great benefit and upgrade here is the kick pad and proper kick pedal. With a real, functioning beater, this kick drum setup is more physical and realistic, bringing more out of each performance. With over 250 sounds to play with and 20 pre-set kits (a further 10 are user-defined), there is plenty onboard to get you instantly practising and playing. An onboard metronome gives you a pulse to practise along to whilst an Aux-in jack lets you connect a device and jam along to your favourite songs.
  • Selecting kits and other functions is a simple affair via the easy to navigate module. A bright digital display and a selection of buttons let you select kits, set up the metronome and even record your playing! Now you can listen back to your performance to gauge your progress and improvement! You can also change the velocity sensitivity of the triggers for the pads in order to further tailor the kit to your playing preference.
  • MIDI and USB connectivity lets you hook your TT-12SM to a computer for hassle-free recording and also triggering other pieces of gear. This type of open-ended possibility enhances the value of this kit significantly. Producers on a budget can use the TT-12SM as an effective device for getting realistic performances for their recording projects.

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The TOURTECH TT-12SM builds on the quality and value of the excellent TT-12S and adds the major benefit of a mesh snare pad! This adds a lot to the quality of playing experience and is a feature that’s normally only on significantly more expensive kits.

The TOURTECH TT-12SM has the same compact footprint as the TT-12S, so you can set this up in a bedroom or study without taking up too much room. This kit is designed to make minimum noise so you’ll be able to jam any time you like without provoking any knocks at the door!


Technical specs and features

  • Complete 7-Piece Electric Drum Kit
  • Ergonomically designed rack-system with easy set-up and fold-down feature
  • 250 high quality percussion voices
  • 20 preset drum kits + 10 user defined drums kits
  • 20 demo songs
  • Dual Zone Mesh Snare Drum
  • Responsive Kick Pedal and Trigger Pad
  • Dynamic, real-feel cymbal and drum pads
  • Expressive hi-hat pedal
  • Digital Display
  • Built-In Song Playback and Recording
  • Click Track / Metronome
  • Aux-in for MP3 connectivity - Play along to your favourite artists
  • Trigger Curve Settings
  • Adjustable Sensitivity and Crosstalk
  • Reverb Effect
  • Connect to your computer via USB
  • 2 x 1/4" TRS Jack Line Master Outputs
  • MIDI In and Out, USB Connectivity
  • Complete Kit with sticks included


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