Trevor James "The Horn" Alto Saxophone

Trevor James "The Horn" Alto Saxophone

£22.00 / each month and a £44.00 Deposit

  • UK Wide Delivery
  • Free Returns
  • Minimum Hire - Only 3 months

An easy way to start playing for only a small monthly amount instead of the costly outlay in purchasing an instrument outright. We always make sure our prices are competitive and every instrument is fully stripped, cleaned, rebuilt, and serviced before leaving us.

The Trevor James alto sax offers the perfect chance to be one step closer to playing the saxophone, whether the plan is to pursue graded exams or just play for the enjoyment, this instrument will definitely get anyone up and running.

So, hire today and be playing for family and friends very soon, or even on a stage in your first concert.

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In keeping with our quality design and manufacturing baseline, this saxophone is built using the highest quality materials and then further quality-checked at our technical workshops in Lenham (U.K) by our wonderful team of technicians before making its way to our worldwide network of TJ instrument distributors and then on to your nearest music dealer.

If you have ever wanted to learn the saxophone, but haven’t a clue where to start, this is the sax for you; with fantastic intonation and solid construction, you will be mastering some of the greatest tunes out there in no time.

  • Smooth action – Close key work design for ease of handling
  • Free blowing - Supports the player’s air flow when playing, essential for students
  • Reliable and robust – Built on the ribbed construction that allows superb durability without adding too much additional weight
  • An excellent starter instrument for new players
  • Key: E-flat
  • Range: Bb3 to F#5 (Concert Pitch: Db3 to A5)
  • Thumb Rests: Plastic upper, metal adjustable lower – So your hand can fit comfortably
  • Springs: Blue steel needle springs – Allowing for a smoother action
  • Touch pieces: Plastic
  • Pads: Leather
  • Reflectors: Metal – Allowing for a clear, brighter response and easier air flow throughout the instrument
  • Engraving: Floral on the bell
  • Mouthpiece: TJ Plastic Mouthpiece – Great starter mouthpiece to get you going
  • Ligature: Metal 2-Screw – Best starter ligature, holding the reed on tightly to the mouthpiece. Complete with a cap.
  • Accessories: Reeds, Comfortable Neck Sling, Polishing Cloth
  • Case: Rectangular padded deluxe case with backpack straps, side pocket and side strap
  • Weight: 2.44 kg
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