Trevor James Alphasax Alto Saxophone

Trevor James Alphasax Alto Saxophone

£30.00 / each month and a £60.00 Deposit

Level – Beginner
Age – Children
Grades  1 – 3

  • UK Wide Delivery
  • Free Returns
  • Minimum Hire – Only 3 months

An easy way to start playing for only a small monthly amount instead of the costly outlay in purchasing an instrument outright. We always make sure our prices are competitive and every instrument is fully stripped, cleaned, rebuilt, and serviced before leaving us.

The Trevor James Alphasax alto sax offers the perfect chance to be one step closer to playing the saxophone, whether the plan is to pursue graded exams or just play for the enjoyment, this instrument will definitely get anyone up and running.

So, hire today and be playing for family and friends very soon, or even on a stage in your first concert.

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More Manageable Instrument

In order to make this saxophone easier to play for those with smaller hands, the low B and Bb keys have been removed, along with the top D#, E and F keys. This makes it 33 percent lighter than a standard saxophone and more manageable for the younger player. Some keys have been moved so that they are more ergonomic and comfortable to play. It still has a full chromatic scale from low C all the way through to high D, making it usable for the ABRSM Grades 1-3.

Lightweight Instrument and Case

Weighing only 1.86kg, this instrument is 33 percent lighter than a conventional saxophone, making it great for the younger performer. The case is also light, weighing only 1.48kg. When taking the saxophone to school or lessons, this lightweight design will be perfect.

Everything You Need

Everything the new student needs to begin playing is included. As well as the lightweight case, the pack includes a BG harness strap which can take the weight of the saxophone off the arms and on to the neck, allowing for longer and more comfortable playing. The pack also includes a mouthpieces with cap, reed and ligature, so you can get going straight out of the box.


Ommitted Keys

  • Left Hand Palm Keys for Top D#, E and F
  • low B & Bb Keys
  • Right Hand Side F# Keys and side C Key

Redesigned Keys

  • Top D Key
  • G# and Low C# Keys
  • Low D# and C keys


  • Body Material: Gold Lacquer Body
  • Pads: High Quality Pisoni Pads with Metal Reflectors
  • Included Accessories

What's Included?

We include everything needed to get anyone started. Your hire package will include…

  • Trevor James Alpha Sax
  • Case
  • Mouthpiece & Ligature
  • Neck Strap
  • Beginner Reeds
  • Pull Through Cleaner
  • Cork Grease
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