Trevor James Cantabile Flute

Trevor James Cantabile Flute

£33.00 / each month and a £66.00 Deposit

Suitable for: Intermediate Players | Adults and Children

An option to hire to a solid silver head with the Cantabile Trevor James flute.  An intermediate level flute enabling students to achieve the higher grades.  With lovely warm tones, the Cantabile will offer a further range of playing to the aspiring flautist.

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The Trevor James Performers Cantabile Flute is a quality top of the range student flute which has the added benefit of a .925 silver headjoint, allowing players to create warm and resonant sounds with good tonal flexibility and dynamics.

Part of the ‘Performer Series’, this silver plated model with solid silver headjoint also comes with French pointed key arms. An all round excellent upgrade model.

Trevor James have spent over 30 years finely honing the design, manufacture and quality of finish to their flutes. All Trevor James Flutes are finished in their Kent-UK based workshops by experienced technicians.

Open Hole vs Closed Hole

Open and Closed Hole Flutes – What is the difference?

Firstly; what is a closed or open hole flute? Basically, an open hole flute literally has holes in five of the keys, just like a Polo mint but a closed hole flute, you have probably already worked out, has full keywork.

So, the question is why are there two options?

As a beginner or intermediate player, a closed hole flute is preferable. When anyone is learning to play, they are more likely to be concentrating on pressing down the right keys and reading the music than thinking about whether their fingers completely cover an open hole on the flute.   Younger or smaller players would especially struggle with an open hole flute.

The open hole flute does several things; the most useful being the variations and sounds and notes that the player can achieve. The open hole allows for microtones, multiphonics, and slides mainly featured in contemporary or Jazz music. It also encourages good overall technique and playing posture.

It is recommended that from grade 6 onwards a player moves to an open hole for these reasons if it is considered that they can manage the open holes.  Sometimes, it just doesn’t suit a player to have an open hole flute.

Some would argue the open holes produce a purer sound, but you could argue this either indefinitely!

When a player moves from closed to open, you can ‘bung’ up the holes and remove them one at a time.

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