Viola Outfit Hire - 12"

Viola Outfit Hire - 12"

£16.00 / each month and a £32.00 Deposit

  • UK Wide Delivery
  • FREE Returns
  • Minimum Hire - Only 3 months (No Max)

Viola hire makes perfect sense for a young player who is just starting lessons. By hiring an instrument, they start their learning journey on the correct size and a high-quality Viola that will only help and encourage them to learn and play.

As children grow they need to change the size to a larger Viola. This is simple to arrange; just contact us and we will organise delivery of the next sized Viola and collection of the old Viola in one visit. There are no extra charges.

Our Viola outfit comes with everything that is needed to get started, including the case, bow, rosin, and shoulder rest. We also offer free delivery and collection anywhere in the UK.

Extensive research demonstrates the huge advances in neurodevelopment when a child learns an instrument, so hire today and get your child off to the perfect start on their musical journey.

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Viola hire is a great way to get started. The instrument can appear within so many genres of music and forms the backbone of an orchestra. The Viola has become extremely popular in recent years and is a beautiful sounding instrument.

Most Violas have a spruce top and a maple back, side and neck. Sometimes poplar and willow are used but not very often. The quality of these woods, combined with the builders who make them form either a good or bad instrument. We carefully select where our hire Violas are sourced and years of experience has shown us that a good viola makes a good violaist!

What makes our Violas different?

We don't just rent any instrument, we want to encourage the player to learn and enjoy, so we take a good quality European and then:

  • Adjust the height of the bridge and nut. (Too high and the strings are hard to press down. Too low and they buzz on the fingerboard)
  • Check the curve of the bridge. (Too shallow and you play 2 strings at once, too high and you catch the wood at the edge.)
  • Check the fit of the pegs. (Too loose and the instrument won?t stay in tune. Too tight and it's very difficult to tune!)
  • Check the fit and position of the soundpost. (Too tight and it can crack the Viola. ?Too loose and it will keep falling down.  The sound is stifled if it is positioned incorrectly.)
  • Fit high quality strings for increased sound quality. (RRP £35)
  • Fit a quality tailpiece with integral adjusters for ease of tuning. (RRP £16.00-£25.00)
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