Visionkey-20 Portable Digital Keyboard

Visionkey-20 Portable Digital Keyboard

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The VISIONKEY-20 portable piano keyboard is the perfect creative tool for those who want the best start on the keyboard. With 653 authentic sounds and 240 realistic rhythm styles to choose from, you can perform any style of music you like.

This when merged with 128 note polyphony allows you to fully voice any chord, no matter how complex it may be. Get help along the way with 160 inbuilt songs and an Intelligent Learning Tuition System.

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Step up

Expanding on the capabilities of the VISIONKEY-10, the VISIONKEY-20 offers slightly bigger speakers in the form of 2 x 10W. These are perfect for projecting your sound when practising and performing. Not only is this digital piano louder, Providing over 600 sounds, 240 rhythms and 160 songs, it offers a wide range of tonal possibilities as well as double the polyphony with 128 notes. This allows you to hear each chord in full, no matter how complex it may be.

Digital tricks

Mix up your sound. The great thing about keyboards is the world of possibilities they open so you can find your own style. With 653 different sounds, the VISIONKEY-20 portable piano keyboard gives you plenty of room to experiment. You'll find the perfect instrumental voice to go with any genre. Enjoy these voices to the fullest with Split Mode. This allows you to choose where you split the keys, and select a different voice for each hand to play. Thanks to this function, your VISIONKEY-20 portable is ideal for accompanying yourself. You'll be able to simultaneously play bass and lead lines, or command brass and string ensembles with minimal effort required.

The creative functions don't end there. You can create a full composition with 240 rhythm styles to match to your melodies. Then, there's the incredible accompaniment mode. All you need to do is select this and suddenly you'll have the world's greatest backing band at your fingertips. The VISIONKEY-20's ability to follow your every last move makes it perfect for enhancing solo performances. You'll be able to watch your confidence as a performer grow thanks to this useful tool. No matter what the genre, or style, the keyboard provides next-level support with accompaniment sections for your song's intro, main section, and ending. It will even automatically add a fill.

Extraordinary keys

Play with maximum expression. The inclusion of 61 touch-sensitive full-length keys will relay every last nuance of your performance for an incredible level of realism and expression. Thanks to an authentic length, shape and feel, you can rest assured knowing you’ll progress as a player, successfully mastering the art of proper technique over time. Full-size keys mark this portable piano keyboard as a step-up from many others which feature smaller, thinner keys. Instead, the VISIONKEY-20 gives you an instrument that will serve you well as a stage piano and take your performance skills and technique up a level. You'll see this when you don't need to adjust your handspan when switching between this and an acoustic piano. You'll be in all the best habits!

The richest sound

Enjoy a portable piano keyboard that's ready for performance. At only 5.3kg, The VISIONKEY-20 is lightweight and easy to transport. Your audiences will be impressed with the rich sounds that come from such a compact instrument. You'll get realistic piano complexity with 128 note polyphony, so you can create a surrounding, warm sound. With the option to plug in your own sustain pedal (not included), you can hold these notes so your music will ring out with even more impact. The option to add this is another reason the VISIONKEY-20 is an ideal step up, because pedal skills are a valuable piano technique to get under your belt.

Adding vocals to your performances is simple. This keyboard gives you the option to plug in your own dynamic mic. You won’t need to bring a PA system to more intimate shows as your voice will be heard through the in-built speakers. If it's silent practice you require, this couldn't be easier. With a 1/4" headphone jack, you can hone your skills without disturbing anyone until you are performance-ready. For a comprehensive starter package to keep life simple, check out the VISIONKEY-20 Portable Piano Keyboard by Gear4music - Complete Pack, which includes a stand, keyboard bench and headphones.

Intelligent Learning System

Learn new and exciting songs. This inbuilt teaching system will bring on your piano skills massively. With a methodical process that's tailored to you, you'll first learn short sections of a tune before putting it all together. Perfect each step of the process, from pitch to timing and left/right-hand technique. Throughout this, your playing is monitored and any areas where you struggle will be focused on until you're a pro at each piece. It's like having a teacher at home.

Made for the modern musician

Gear4Music want to give you a portable piano keyboard that lets you make full use of technology as you perform and make music. The VISIONKEY-20 offers a range of connectivity options so you can take advantage of this integral tool. Now, you can play along and listen to your favourite tracks, straight from your instrument’s speakers. Simply plug in your phone, tablet, or MP3 player via the AUX input and you'll have a quality listening experience. Connect to your computer just as easily, because the VISIONKEY-20 means you can transfer MIDI data via USB.

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