Am I too old to learn an instrument?

Am I Too Old To Learn To Play? No?No!   A simple no! It is an absolute fact that you are never too old to play an instrument whether it is piano, guitar, flute, clarinet or anything!   If you find yourself asking the question then never forget that besides anything else nothing is more important that the enjoyment of learning, before worrying about anything else.

The question ‘Am I too old to learn an instrument?’ is all too common and we strongly suspect that there are thousands, even millions of people, all over the world that have never even give it a try. If you are reading this article then you are interested in learning; in which case start playing.


Why learn to play?

Obviously enjoyment is the key, but not only is it enjoyable and extremely rewarding and there are health benefits too.

Cognitive brain function is by far one of the biggest advantages in learning music.  Some of the largest universities in the world have studied the effects of learning to play an instrument and have proved that it helps improve memory, coordination, relieves stress and can be part of forming a fantastic social life.

The University of Kansas Medical Center produced a study having recruited 70 healthy adults ages 60 to 83. They were then divided into groups based on their levels of music experience and exposure - those who had never studied music fell short of those who had in several cognitive tests.

So there we have it, no excuses not to get playing, hire an instrument, find a teacher and get playing!

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