Interesting facts about Tim Minchin

  • Tim Minchin was famous before he wrote the music score and lyrics for Matilda, the musical. Many people hadn’t heard of Tim Minchin before they saw the credits on their programme in the West End.  He was commissioned for the work by the Royal Shakespeare Company
  • Matilda has won more than 85 awards since it opened in 2009
  • Matilda has been performed and on tour to the present day both in the UK, Canada and the USA
  • Tim Minchin was born in the Uk in 1975 but raised in Australia, he married in Australia in 2002and had his first child in London in 2006
  • Tim is widely known as a comedian and can be likened to Bill Bailey in his style. He is a clever musician who can use his expertise to very good effect when playing and talking about music.
  • He toured for many years – stand up comedy on the road and wrote his own material. His comedy, Dark Side, performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival won him the Perrier Best Newcome award in 2005.
  • Tim and his family live in Australia, having lived in the UK for a few years
  • Tim is also an acclaimed actor and has performed in Jesus Christ Superstar for Andrew Lloyd Webber, and is an Associate Artist of the Royal Shakespeare Company.
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