Interesting Facts About Violin Players

  1. It is argued that violin players’ brains are even better than a musician who plays a different instrument. This is due to the two hands doing very different things when playing the violin and the brain having to process these two different movements. Just the slightest adjustment on touching the strings or the way the bow is held can affect the sound that the violin can make. String players also must listen very keenly to their notes to ensure they are in tune. Intonation on string instruments is arguably the biggest thing that sets outstanding string players apart from the others.
  2. When violinists are playing at full pelt they are burning approximately 170 calories per hour!
  3. Yehudi Menuhin was born over 100 years ago on April 22, 1916. He founded the Yehudi Menuhin School in Surrey in 1963. The school started with 15 students and is a world-renowned school for exceptional violin students to this day.
  4. Vanessa-Mae recorded the Tchaikovsky and Beethoven violin concertos when she was 13. This is a Guinness world record! There are recordings of 1-year old violinists on YouTube – where will this end?!
  5. Could a 96-year-old be the oldest violin player in the world – check out Rui Nascimento!
  6. Mozart played the violin. It is reported that he started his musical journey on the violin.
  7. Lindsey Stirling is a famous YouTube violinist - She has over 197 views of her video Crystallize which is a Dubstep Original Violin Song!
  8. There has been research in to whether the violin sounds like the human voice. Some of the sounds apparently sound like our vowels?!
  9. Nigel Kennedy’s father and grandfather were professional musicians. They were cellists though. A young Nigel started playing when he was 7 and he won a scholarship to Yehudi Menuhin’s School when he was 7. Nigel Kennedy has been described a Liberace of the 90s.
  10. If you learn the violin strictly through the Suzuki method, you may not play a note for up to a year on your violin. It is all part of the ear training and is proven to have benefits.
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