Andreas Zeller Full Size Violin

Andreas Zeller Full Size Violin

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The Andreas Zeller  is a Romanian made instrument and an example of the high quality and craftsmanship available in today’s violin market.  The Zeller range has been developed by Stentor over many years to meet the need for a good European made student outfit, at a reasonable price. The result is a Romanian instrument made with the correct dimensions across the violin, and correct thickness of the woods used, including the soundboard which in turn enables the Zeller to offer an outstanding quality and tone.

Before the violin leaves us, we set up the violin to a professional standard. We fit the pegs correctly, adjust the string height and fit the bridge accurately making the violin easier to tune and play.

The factory fitted strings are up-graded to D’Addario Helicore (RRP £56.00) increasing the depth of tone and tuning stability.

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What Stentor Say…

Andreas Zeller instruments are made in Romania and are excellent examples of the high standard of workmanship and materials available. The Zeller range has been developed by Stentor over many years to meet the need for a good European-made student outfit, at a moderate price.

The result is a Romanian instrument made with correct dimensions and thicknessing that stands out above other instruments from that country. Andreas Zeller instruments are perfect for students who prefer a European-made instrument.

This violin offers outstanding quality and tone. It is made from good quality European tonewoods and produces a pleasing, rounded tone. It is fitted with a Wittner tailpiece with integral adjusters. The high standards of Andreas Zeller compare well against other instruments. Zeller instruments are available in a range of sizes.



Option To Purchase

Purchasing your Violin

You can purchase your hire Violin. At any point during your agreement you can contact us to arrange the purchase. All of the payments made, up to a maximum of six months, will contribute towards the purchase price listed below.

Simply email or phone us, and we’ll arrange the rest. All purchased instruments are guaranteed for one year after the purchase date.

1/8 Andreas Zeller & Stentor IIHire Only
1/4 Andreas Zeller & Stentor IIHire Only
1/2 Andreas Zeller & Stentor IIHire Only
3/4 Andreas Zeller & Stentor IIHire Only
4/4 Stentor II (Inc case, bow, shoulder rest & rosin)£149
4/4 NEW Stentor II (Inc case, bow, shoulder rest & rosin)£189
4/4 Andreas Zeller (Inc case, bow, shoulder rest & rosin)£249
4/4 NEW Andreas Zeller (Inc case, bow, shoulder rest & rosin)£299
4/4 German (Inc case, bow, shoulder rest & rosin)£399

Whats Included?

We include everything needed to get anyone started. Your hire package will include…

  • Violin
  • Violin Bow
  • Violin Bow Rosin
  • Shoulder Rest
  • Chin Rest
  • Carry Case
  • Upgraded Strings
  • Professional Setup

About Stentor Violins

Stentor Music Co Ltd is a UK company that has built a reputation for quality, reliable string instruments.  Stentor violins, violas, cellos and double basses are hand made in China using skills that have lasted generations.  Over 200 people work at the Stentor factory and each individual part of the instrument is worked on separately by a skilled worker.  The factory is purpose built and includes storing, drying and preparing the wood through to the varnishing, final assembly of the instrument, and packaging of the instrument in its case ready to be shipped across the world.

Stentor violins and cellos are well respected amongst schools and teachers with a reputation of being a great student instruments for the beginner through to the more accomplished player. They come in the full range of sizes and will give an adult or child student the best start on the learning journey, and as progress is made.  The instruments are handcrafted using tone woods (specific wood varieties that have tonal properties making them excellent for use in violins and cellos) and ebony fittings.

The instruments come in a range of standards from the basic student instrument through to a more professional level instrument.  The wood and finishes vary across the range.

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