Yamaha YFL211 & 212 Flute Outfit Hire

Yamaha YFL211 & 212 Flute Outfit Hire

From: £18.00 / each month and a £36.00 Deposit

Suitable for: Beginner/Experienced Beginner | Adult or Child

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  • Minimum Hire – Only 3 months
  • Payment – Direct Debit/Card

Yamaha flutes are possibly the number one recommended flutes for beginners, and have been for many years. The YFL211 and the newer version, the YFL212, are both capable of taking a player from the first lesson right up to approximately Grade 5 standard without having to worry about upgrading the flute.

Known for their superior build quality and famous head-joint they are renowned for being easy to play and also can offer the dynamic sound needed as the player progresses.

So, hire today and be playing for family and friends very soon, or even on a stage in your first concert.

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There can be many things that can make a flute easy to play and sounding good and the Yamaha YFL211 and YFL212 (the slightly newer version) do exactly that and make a perfect flute. Yamaha have some serious heritage alongside years of experience and have long been the flute choice of teachers. As a general rule this flute would take a player to Grade 5, and depending on the player, a little further.

It means that for a complete novice, or a returning player, this flute is ideal to learn on and makes playing a lot easier! There is nothing worse than a cheaply made flute, or a flute that isn’t serviced for a beginner player.  The most difficult aspect about learning the flute is getting the first sound out. Once this is achieved learning the flute is achievable for all.

Key Features

  • Offset G
  • Closed Holes
  • E Mechanism
  • Tone Holes – drawn & curled
  • French Pointed Keywork (YFL212 only)



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