Yamaha YTR1335 Trumpet Review

Yamaha YTR1335

Yamaha YTR1335 Review

The Yamaha YTR 1335 Trumpet has been around for many years now.  It is a solid built instrument with many of the features of a professional instrument but built by Yamaha but specifically for the beginner student in mind.  Music teachers are quick to recommend the Yamaha due to the ease of free blowing and ease of playing overall.  The notes sound good and clear and enable the student to have high standards of their tone from the first lesson.

The Yamaha YTR 1335 is manufactured using a combination of traditional handcraft methods and manufacturing using technology by Yamaha meaning they are consistently reliable and precise.  They are well designed throughout the whole range and durable.

Yamaha instruments have an emphasis on the ergonomics of the instrument which enables them to offer beginner students optimum support when holding the instrument which in turn assists the learning, progress and experience of learning the trumpet.

The Yamaha YTR 1335 Trumpet comes in a hard case giving maximum protection when the trumpet is in transit.

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