Alphasax - What Is It Exactly?

The Alphasax is a small version of an alto saxophone but especially designed for little people.  It is made by Trevor James and has been Alphasax Differencescreated to enable younger children who wish to play the saxophone the chance to learn.

The Alphasax looks like a normal Alto Saxophone but is actually completely redesigned to enable smaller hands to cope with the keys.  It has a few less keys due to its size but isn't missing anything that is needed at the early stages of learning the saxophone.  A child will learn in exactly the same way as they would if learning the alto sax, but won't be lumbered with an instrument that is far too big and heavy for them.  The Alphasax weighs 33% less than the alto sax (it weighs 1.48kg).

The key of the instrument is Eb, the same as the alto sax, and it has a range of 2 octaves which is more than enough for a beginner.  The keys are also in the same position as an alto sax, so there isn't a big issue when they move to a regular size alto sax.

The Alphasax also comes in a strong but lightweight case which again makes life easier when carrying all those bags into school!

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