Andreas Zeller Violin Review

The Andreas Zeller violin is respected and valued as one of the best student violin outfits that can be had.  It is suitable for the beginner, or more advanced player returning to the instrument.  It is made for Stentor in Romania, Eastern Europe and is recognised for its high quality of workmanship.

The Zeller is constructed with an even grade spruce front and a solid maple back and ribs.  The tailpiece is Wittner which is again, a good quality and well-respected brand.

The violin produces a clear, warm tone and is more than suitable to take students from the early stages and through exams to an intermediate level.

The violin has all the correct dimensions of a violin, unlike the cheaper models that can be purchased.  The thickness and dimensions of a student violin are every bit as important or a beginner as for a professional player.

Once the set up of the Zeller is spot on, and will enable the beginner, intermediate or returning player to learn and progress without the hindrance of an instrument that isn’t fit for purpose.

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