Cello Outfit - 1/10 Size

Cello Outfit - 1/10 Size

From: £24.00 / each month and a £48.00 Deposit

  • UK Wide Delivery
  • Free Returns
  • Minimum Hire - Only 3 months

An easy way to start playing for only a small monthly amount instead of the costly outlay in purchasing an instrument outright. We always make sure our prices are competitive and every cello is fully serviced and setup before they leave us. All our cellos are good quality instruments that have quality strings and tailpieces fitted making them great value.

Children have a habit of growing rapidly so your 1/10 size cello may only be used for a few months before you need to change to a 1/4 size and then 1/2 before the full size option is required.

So, hire today and be playing for family and friends very soon, or even on a stage in your first concert!

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Cello can appear within so many genres of music and forms the backbone of an orchestra. The cello has become extremely popular in recent years and is a beautiful sounding instrument. Every cello we hire has been carefully selected for its build & sound quality.

Most cellos have a spruce top and a maple back, side and neck. Sometimes poplar and willow are used but not very often. The quality of these woods, combined with the builders who make them form either a good or bad cello. Years of experience has shown us that a good cello makes a good cellist!

We stock a range of cellos, including Stentor, Chinese built and European made instruments.

What makes our Cellos Different?

We don't just hire any instrument, we want to encourage the player to learn and enjoy, so we take a good quality cello and then:

  • Adjust the height of the bridge and nut. (Too high and the strings are hard to press down. Too low and they buzz on the fingerboard)
  • Check the curve of the bridge. (Too shallow and you play 2 strings at once, too high and you catch the wood at the edge.)
  • Check the fit of the pegs. (Too loose and the instrument won't stay in tune. Too tight and it's very difficult to tune!)
  • Check the fit and position of the sound post. (Too tight and it can crack the cello. Too loose and it will keep falling down. The sound is stifled if it is positioned incorrectly.)
  • Fit high quality strings for increased sound quality. (RRP £65.00-142.00)
  • Fit a quality tailpiece (Wittner) with integral adjusters for ease of tuning. (RRP £25.00 - 35.00)


What's Included?

We include everything needed to get anyone started. Your hire package will include...

  • Cello
  • Cello Bow
  • Cello Bow Rosin
  • Soft Carry Case


Cello DeliveryWe use Parcel Force to deliver our cellos. They are all well packaged in bespoke boxes that offer the necessary protection for the journey to your door.

The box and any packaging will need to be kept for the return journey back to us.

Once your cello reaches the Parcel Force depot, you will receive an email from Parcel Force with tracking details.

Cello Sizing Guide

Cello Sizing Guide - By Age

Age is a simple and easy method of measuring for a cello. It is also fairly accurate and can be used on its own.

You can get a more detailed idea of the cello size needed by measuring arm length, and finger span. More details here...

Cello Size Age
1/10 Cello 3 to 5 Years Old
1/8 Cello 5-6 Years Old
1/4 Cello 6-7 Years Old
1/2 Cello 8 - 10 Years Old
3/4 Cello 11-13 Years Old
4/4 Full Cello 14+ Years Old

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