Stentor I & Stentor II - Violin & Cello Review

Stentor Violins & Cellos – Standard Student, Stentor I and Stentor II – Review and Differences


Stentor Violins and Cellos are well respected amongst schools and teachers with a reputation of being a great student instrument for the beginner. They come in the full range of sizes and will give an adult or child student the best start on the learning journey. The instruments are handcrafted using tone woods (specific wood varieties that have tonal properties making them excellent for use in violins and cellos) and ebony fittings.

Standard Student Violin

The Standard Student is the most basic of the Stentor violin range. It is designed for beginners and offers a decent violin on a budget. The main body of the violin is made from solid tonewood and it has black hardwood pegs and fingerboard. It has an alloy tailpiece with adjusters for easy tuning.

Stentor Standard Violin Review

Stentor I Violin

The Stentor I violin is suitable for beginner players up to Grade 2/3. The Stentor I is popular with teachers and will give a good start to the beginner player. The difference from the Standard Student violin is that is has a solid, carved spruce front and maple back and ribs. The tuning pegs and fingerboard are made from rosewood. The bridge is good quality and it has an alloy tailpiece with adjusters for easy tuning.

Stentor Student I Violin Review

Stentor II Violin

The Stentor II Violin is one of the best student model violins available for beginner players. It will take a player comfortably up to around Grade 3 / 4 standard. They are handmade in the workshop and have a solid, carved spruce front and maple back and ribs. It is hand shaped and finished and has an ebony fingerboard and tuning pegs. The tailpiece is alloy and has adjusters making tuning easy.

Stentor Student Violin II Review

Stentor I Cello

This is a good, well respected cello for the beginner. It is hand carved from tone wood and has ebony fittings. The tailpiece has integral adjusters making tuning easy. It will provide a good, solid starter for a beginner player and be suitable to the early grade stages.

Stentor Student Cello I Review

Stentor II Cello

The Stentor II cello is a good quality student cello with a great tone suitable for beginners up to an intermediate level.
The Stentor II cello is hand carved in the Stentor factory. It is made from a higher grade of solid tone wood than the Student 1 model. It features a solid spruce front, and solid maple back, neck and ribs. The fingerboard and tuning pegs are made from ebony and the tailpiece from alloy with adjusters making tuning easy. It has a natural varnish and inlaid purfling (a narrow decorative edge inlaid into the edges of the cello). It is a great cello for the beginner player and highly recommended by teachers.

Stentor Student II Cello Review
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