John Packer JP041 Alto Saxophone Review

The John Packer 041 alto saxophone is a great saxophone for the beginner.  It is well made, reliable and trusted by teachers.

The John Packer is well made and will serve a beginner or returning player well.  The difference between a student saxophone and professional saxophone is going to be largely down to the material and construction of the saxophone.

Student saxophones tend to be lighter due to lighter material being used and less parts being more solidly welded on the instrument.

Everything is there though, and they are hardy enough to withstand younger players being slightly heavy handed with them.

It is important that your saxophone is serviced well as the biggest issue will be the seating of the pads.  If they don’t seal, you will struggle to get a sound out of the instrument.

The John Packer saxophone is more than acceptable to technicians and repairers compared to cheaper models as it does service well and hold its ground with an inexperienced player.

John Packer JP041 Review
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