Trevor James 10X Flute Review

Trevor J James was established in London in 1979.  The company is now one of the world’s most respected student and professional flute designers and suppliers.  They have multi-award-winning flutes and are one of the leading brands amongst flutes.  The flutes are distributed worldwide, and the company works closely with established flautists and teachers on their research and development programmes.

Trevor James 10x ReviewThe Trevor James 10x flute is a great student flute for beginners through to those taking exams.  The Trevor James will give a new flautist a good, solid start and will be a reliable instrument through to approximately grade 4/5.  The head joint is reliable, and the lip plate is sensitively designed to ensure that a decent embouchure is established from the start.

The TJ10X has a triple plated finish comprising of a double layer of silver plating on top of a flash copper coating giving durability to the silver finish.  It is proud of its free blowing head joint design to assist the beginner, or returning player, to get the best sound and tone from the first lesson.  The key work is accurate, tight and double checked giving a secure and positive feel to the student.  Trevor James also produce a curved head version of the 10X for the younger player.  The curved head simply makes the flute a shorter length and the younger player will move to the regular straight head as soon as they are big enough.

The flute comes in a solid case which is designed for the flute to fit tightly to keep it secure in transportation.

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