Yamaha YFL311 Flute Review

Yamaha YFL 311 Flute Review

The Yamaha 200, 300 and 400 flutes are classed as beginner and intermediate level flutes.  They have been carefully manufactured to enable the beginner and intermediate player to have the best start on learning and making good progress on the flute.

The lip plate is designed to help beginners gain good breath control, have easy to use and reach keys and be the correct weight to help with balance and play-ability.  The flutes are worldwide best sellers and are highly respected amongst teachers and professional players.

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The Yamaha YFL 311 flute is a step up from the YFL211 Yamaha flute.   The main difference is in the head joint which is 92.5% pure sterling silver.

The body is the same material as the 211.  The difference in material in the head joint does make a surprising amount of difference in sound tone and ease of reaching the high notes.  The flute is aimed at a player who has been playing for a few years and reaching grade 4-6 level.

The 311 is more than enough for any player looking to do higher grades and will only need replacing if the player is looking to take the flute further beyond the grades or even to a professional level.

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