Yamaha YCL250 Clarinet Review

The Yamaha YCL250 clarinet has had a great reputation for the past 10 years or more and for good reason!  Yamaha are among the best at producing decent student instruments and the YCL250 falls into this category too.  It is manufactured from lightweight ABS Resin (this gives the appearance and sound of genuine granadilla wood) and is known for outstanding stability, durability and precision.  Being made from ABS Resin also makes the clarinet lightweight and strong as opposed to high end clarinets that are still made from traditional granadilla wood which is heavier.  The clarinet is dependable and produces a high-quality sound with a good tone for a student instrument.

Additional detail that sets the Yamaha YCL250 apart is the instrument comes with one of Yamaha's own mouthpieces. These are great mouthpieces and can make all the difference to the player.  When starting out on the clarinet you wouldn’t believe how much difference a decent mouthpiece can make.  Once you start researching clarinets you soon realise that there are many different mouthpieces that professional players use!

The clarinet is in the key of Bb and comes as a complete outfit with a great case that looks good as well as being very functional and light, mouthpiece, reed, cork grease and a pull through for cleaning.

Yamaha YCL250 Review
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