Buffet B12 Clarinet Review

The Buffet Crampon B12 clarinet is one of the best student clarinets. It is manufactured from lightweight ABS Resin (this gives the appearance and sound of genuine granadilla wood) and is known for outstanding stability, durability and precision.

Being made from ABS Resin also makes the clarinet lightweight and strong as opposed to high end clarinets that are still made from traditional granadilla wood which is heavier.  The clarinet is dependable and produces a high-quality sound for a student instrument.  The B12 is a great choice for beginners and will take a player through to around Grade 4/5 standard.

If looked after, the B12 will retain much of its value making it all the easier to up-grade the clarinet when the time is right.

Additional detail that sets the B12 apart from other student clarinets are the adjustable thumb rest and decent key work made from nickel silver.  These elements of detail may seem small but they make all the difference.  The adjustable thumb rest makes the clarinet much more comfortable for a young or new player as it does as it suggests – adjusts to the size of the players hands.

The key work is important as cheaper or less well-made clarinets can have rough, or sharp feeling keys.  The keys on the B12 are well finished and smooth.  It is these small details that keep a player playing.

A sub-standard instrument makes life so much harder for a player and can lead to the “I can’t do it”, “it’s too difficult” or “I can’t make it work” quotes that parents don’t want to hear when the investment in lessons and instruments has been made.

The clarinet is in a traditional Bb key and comes as a complete outfit with a case, mouthpiece, reed, cork grease and a pull through for cleaning.

Buffet B12 Review
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